America First Women's Agenda


The Launch of the America First Women’s Agenda   |   October 24, 2022

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The America First Women’s Agenda envisions a S.A.F.E.(1) America. We set forth the following principles as the core of a new movement for women: Security, Affordability, Fairness, and Education. The S.A.F.E. Agenda—researched and branded by Kellyanne Conway—is rooted in the promise of America that belongs to all; it aligns with and will be delivered through the 10 policy pillars of the America First Agenda.



  • Provide safe and secure communities so all Americans can live their lives in peace

  • Finish the wall, end human trafficking, and defeat the drug cartels 

  • Deliver peace through strength and American leadership abroad

  • Make the greatest economy in the world work for all Americans 



  • Make the greatest economy in the world work for all Americans 

  • Put patients and doctors back in charge of healthcare 

  • Make America energy independent 



  • Restore America’s historic commitment to freedom, equality, and self-governance

    • Defend our constitutional rights of religious liberty and freedom of conscience

    • Defend our constitutional right to keep and bear arms

    • Stop big tech from encroaching on our free speech and censoring conservatives

    • Honor the sanctity of every innocent human life

    • Defend female athletes and preserve fairness in women’s sports

  • Make it easy to vote and hard to cheat

  • Fight government corruption by draining the swamp



  • Give parents more control over where their children go to school and what is taught there

    • Encourage schools to teach basic skills that prepare students for life as an adult

    • Expand educational freedom, charter schools and school choice to ensure kids are not trapped in failing schools

    • Teach students to love—not hate—America and each other

    • Advocate for teaching the truth about America’s history


Read the Agenda here.